Kristin Anna Cook-Gailloud

Senior Lecturer and French Language Program Director

Program: French
Gilman 442
Thursday 2-4 p.m. in Gilman Atrium
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Kristin Cook-Gailloud is a senior lecturer and the director of the French Language Program. She earned her PhD in 2006 from the same department in which she now teaches at Johns Hopkins. She also has a licence ès lettres from the Université de Genève.

Her areas of research interest include the interaction between science and religion in Emile Zola’s later works (Les Trois Villes; Les Quatre Évangiles); Anatole France and Octave Mirbeau: forgotten authors from the turn of the century; the role of 19th-century universal exhibits in the development of modern thought; bridging the sciences and the humanities at Johns Hopkins (ongoing roundtable); and the impact of the Dreyfus affair on the emergence of modern French thought.