Director Alina Marazzi at Hopkins (November 27-30, 2017)

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The Italian Program, CAMS, Film and Media, and the Program for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality are very proud to host critically acclaimed Italian filmmaker Alina Marazzi from November 27- 30, for a series of screenings and conversations with the Hopkins and Baltimore communities.

Alina Marazzi is one of the most compelling independent filmmakers to have emerged from Italy in the last decade. Her innovative cinematic language, which blurs the boundaries between fiction and documentary, is characterized by the extensive use of found footage and mixed media, such as photography and animation. Marazzi’s award-winning trilogy on female subjectivity, motherhood, and memory, received accolades in numerous international film festivals; it was distributed in movie theaters, shown in art galleries and museums, and studied by numerous film scholars, Laura Mulvey and Emma Wilson, among many.

Please see the attached program, and feel free to extend the invitation to students, colleagues, and friends.