Naples and the Camorra in the National Cinematic Gaze. A lecture by Ruth Glynn, Nov. 1, 2017, Gilman 479, 6:00 pm.

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The third installment of our events series is a lecture by Professor Ruth Glynn (University of Bristol) entitled: Naples and the Camorra in the National Cinematic Gaze.

Since the effective dissolution of the New Neapolitan Cinema in the early 2000s, the conventions of the national film industry have come to dominate the cinematic construction of the city for the first time. This paper explores the contemporary cinematic representation of Naples and the Camorra, with reference to that transition from a Neapolitan to a national cinematic gaze, a transition largely overlooked in the critical literature. Focusing primarily on the Camorra film comedy, this paper explores the different strategies employed by non-Neapolitan directors to construct Naples, its distinctive cultural practices and its relationship with organized crime, and asks how the national gaze impacts on the cinematic image of Naples. It further evaluates the success of the different strategies in fulfilling the films’ anti-Camorra mission and in bridging the gap between national and Neapolitan audiences.