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Aristotele Fatto Volgare: Tradizione aristotelica e cultura volgare nel Rinascimento

The volume, edited by Eugenio Refini in collaboration with David A. Lines (University of Warwick), explores the ways in which the Aristotelian corpus was received, translated and reshaped in the vernacular in the later Middle Ages and the early modern period. From the philological issues of the medieval translations of Aristotle to the critical reflection that developed throughout the Renaissance about the possibility of ‘humanist’ vernacularizations of Aristotle; from the linguistic implications of the phenomenon to its political and ideological dimension, the book, which covers a broad geographical area (Italy, France, Spain), includes essays by Annalisa Andreoni, Simone Bionda, Claudio Ciociola, Alessio Cotugno, Sonia Gentili, Violaine Giacomotto-Charra, Ullrich Langer, David A. Lines, Paula Olmos, Eugenio Refini, Anna Siekiera, Juan Miguel Valero Moreno.