• faculty

  • Nadia Altschul

    Nadia Altschul

    Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Spanish
    PhD, Yale University

    410-516-8571 Gilman 490

    Research Interests: Medievalism, 19th-century studies, postcolonial studies

  • CastroKlaren_JAY8671_web

    Sara Castro-Klaren

    Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Spanish
    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

    410-516-8790 Gilman 492

    Research Interests: Colonial cultures and literatures; theory; women's writing; modern Latin American cultures and literatures

  • William Egginton

    William Egginton

    Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and Vice-Dean for Graduate Education
    PhD, Stanford University

    410-516-7510 Gilman 470

    Research Interests: Spanish and Latin American Literatures, comparative European literature and thought

  • Gonzalez

    Eduardo González

    Professor and Director of the Spanish Subdivision
    PhD, Indiana University Bloomington

    410-516-4615 Gilman 480

    Research Interests: Latin American literature and cinema

  • HarrySieber_JHU4609_web

    Harry Sieber

    PhD, Duke University

    410-516-7880 Gilman 478

    Research Interests: Renaissance and Baroque Spanish literature

  • Language Program Directors

  • Loreto Sanchez Serrano

    Loreto Sánchez Serrano

    Associate Teaching Professor and Spanish Language Program Director
    PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    410-516-4618 Gilman 463

    Research Interests: Computer-assisted language learning

  • Lecturers

  • Maria del Rosario Ramos

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Advanced Spanish

    410-516-4055 Gilman 466

  • Naiara Martínez-Vélez

    Lecturer, Spanish Language

    410-516-5523 Gilman 464

  • Arancha Moreno Hubbard

    Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Advanced Spanish

    410-516-4859 Gilman 405

  • Sergio Ruiz-Perez

    Lecturer, Spanish Language

    410-516-5523 Gilman 464

  • Michelle Tracy

    Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Spanish Elements

    410-516-6246 Gilman 467

  • Sara Urruticoechea Romero

    Lecturer, Spanish Language

    410-516-5523 Gilman 464

  • Barry Weingarten

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Intermediate Spanish

    410-516-7461 Gilman 465

  • Joint and Secondary Appointments

  • Richard Kagan

    Professor, History
    PhD, Cambridge University


    Research Interests: Early modern European history with an emphasis on Spain and Iberian expansion

  • Margaret Keck

    Professor, Political Science


    Research Interests: Latin American politics