• faculty

  • Andrea Krauss

    Andrea Krauss

    Associate Professor
    Academic Director, berlin Consortium for German Studies (2016-2017)
    PhD, Free University of Berlin; Habilitation, University of Zurich

    410-516-7227 Gilman 401

    Research Interests: Modern German thought and literature

  • Katrin Pahl

    Katrin Pahl

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for German
    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

    410-516-7513 Gilman 414

    Research Interests: German literature and philosophy around 1800, affect and emotion, gender and sexuality, feminist and queer theory, psychoanalysis, rhetoric, comparative literature, literary theory, Hegel, Kleist

  • Samuel Spinner

    Samuel Spinner

    Assistant Professor, Tandetnik Chair in Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture
    PhD, Columbia University

    410-516-0099 Gilman 406

    Research Interests: Yiddish literature 19th and 20th centuries, German-Jewish culture and literature, visual culture, history of anthropology, museum studies, Holocaust studies

  • Elisabeth Strowick

    Elisabeth Strowick

    Professor and Co-Director, Max Kade Center for Modern German Thought (on leave)
    PhD, University of Hamburg; Habilitation, University of Basel

    410-516-7227 Gilman 401

    Research Interests: Modern German literature and thought, literary theory, poetics of knowledge

  • Rochelle Tobias

    Rochelle Tobias

    Professor and Director of the German Subdivision; Co-Director, Max Kade Center for Modern German Thought
    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

    410-516-7512 Gilman 404

    Research Interests: Modern German literature and thought; German-Jewish culture

  • Joint and Secondary Appointments

  • Eckart Förster

    Professor, Philosophy
    PhD, Oxford University


    Research Interests: Kant and German idealism

  • Affiliated Faculty

  • Peter Jelavich

    Professor, History
    PhD, Princeton University

    Research Interests: Cultural and intellectual history of Europe since the Enlightenment, with emphasis on Germany, popular culture, mass culture, and the media, modern social and cultural theory

  • Leonardo Lisi

    Associate Professor, Humanities Center
    PhD, Yale University

    Research Interests: European literature of the long nineteenth century; European modernism; Kierkegaard and German idealism; tragedy and the tragic; philosophical aesthetics and literary forms

  • Yitzhak Melamed

    Professor, Philosophy
    PhD, Yale University

    Research Interests: Early modern philosophy; German idealism; metaphysics

  • Mitchell Merback

    Professor, History of Art
    PhD, University of Chicago

    Research Interests: Northern Renaissance art

  • Dean Moyar

    Associate Professor, Philosophy
    PhD, University of Chicago

    Research Interests: German Idealism; ethics; political philosophy

  • Mark Christian Thompson

    Associate Professor, English
    PhD, New York University

    Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century African-American, German and French literature; the history and representation of race in literature and philosophy; political philosophy; aesthetics; art theory

  • Sue Waterman

    Curator of European Literary Collections, MSE Library
    MA in French, New York University; MA in library science, University of Maryland

    Research Interests: History of the book and printing history; digital humanities

  • Language Program Directors

  • Deborah McGee Mifflin

    Deborah McGee Mifflin

    Associate Teaching Professor and German Language Program Director
    MA, Temple University

    410-516-7592 Gilman 469B

    Research Interests: German language, literature & linguistics; pedagogy of language teaching, theories of second language acquisition

  • Visiting

  • Scott Pincikowski

    Fellow-by-Courtesy, German
    Hood College

  • Lecturers

  • Beatrice Lang

    Lecturer, Yiddish Language

    410-516-6183 Gilman 493

  • Heidi Wheeler

    Senior Lecturer, German Language, Culture, and Literature; Coordinator, Intermediate German

    410-516-8756 Gilman 491

  • Visiting Faculty

  • Marton Dornbach

    Visiting Assistant Professor in German
    Director of Undergraduate Studies for German
    Ph.D. Gilman 422 (Fall 2017) and Gilman 408 (Spring 2018)