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  • faculty

  • Anderson_JHU2645_web

    Wilda Anderson

    Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, French
    PhD, Cornell University Gilman 418

    Research Interests: The literature of the French Enlightenment; the relationship between science and literature; the French Revolution and its aftermath

  • Jacques Neefs

    Jacques Neefs

    James M. Beall Professor of French and Director of the French Subdivision
    PhD (Doctorat d’État), University Paris 8

    410-516-7727 Gilman 482

    Research Interests: 19th-20th-century French literature; genetic criticism

  • Stephen Nichols

    Stephen Nichols

    Professor Emeritus and Research Professor; James M. Beall Professor Emeritus of French and Humanities
    PhD, Yale University

    410-516-4736 Gilman 477

    Research Interests: Medieval French literature

  • Elena Russo

    Elena Russo

    PhD, Princeton University

    410-516-7622 Gilman 488

    Research Interests: 17th- and 18th-century French literature

  • Derek Schilling

    Derek Schilling

    Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, French
    PhD/Doctorat du 3e cycle, University of Pennsylvania/University of Paris 8 (Vincennes/Saint-Denis)

    410-516-4626 Gilman 426

    Research Interests: Modern and contemporary French literature; film esthetics and theory; geocriticism; urban and suburban studies

  • Language Program Directors

  • KristinCookG

    Kristin Anna Cook-Gailloud

    Senior Lecturer and French Language Program Director
    PhD, Johns Hopkins University

    410-516-8017 Gilman 442

  • Lecturers

  • Bruce Anderson

    Senior Lecturer, French Language; Coordinator, Advanced Writing and Speaking in French

    410-516-0478 Gilman 417

  • Claude Guillemard

    Senior Lecturer, French Language and Culture; Coordinator, French Elements

    410-516-6041 Gilman 444

  • Suzanne Roos

    Senior Lecturer; Coordinator, Intermediate French

    410-516-8059 Gilman 446

  • Sue Waterman

    Lecturer, MSE Library Gilman 401

  • April Wuensch

    Senior Lecturer, French Language; Coordinator, La France Contemporaine

    410-516-7228 Gilman 448A

  • Joint and Secondary Appointments

  • Todd Shepard

    Associate Professor, History
    PhD, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

    410-516-8512 tshep75@jhu.ed

    Research Interests: Modern France and French empire, decolonization, gender and sexuality