Bruno Duarte

Visiting Scholar


BRUNO C. DUARTE received his PhD in Philosophy from the Université Marc Bloch – Strasbourg, under the guidance of Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe. His dissertation ‘O toi parole de Zeus’. Hölderlin et Sophocle focuses on Friedrich Hölderlins "Remarks" to his translations of Sophocles, their relation to Aristotle's “Poetics” and the performance of Greek Tragedy.

He is a full member of the Institute for Philosophy at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA, and has previously been a Visiting Scholar at the FREIE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN and a Visiting Research Fellow at BROWN UNIVERSITY. He is also a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow.

He is currently working on a research project on the perception of text as image and its connection to the theory and practice of translation.



Publications: Da crítica (2016), Friedrich Schlegel – Da essência da crítica (2016), Lógica Poética – Friedrich Hölderlin (2011).